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Read Testimonials about the Calgary Archery Centre

Ensuring Your Satisfaction

The Calgary Archery Centre is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Please take a few moments to read testimonials submitted by former customers so you can get a better idea of what you can expect when you visit our family-friendly facility or contact us should you ever have any questions.

A Fun-Filled Newbie Experience

What a fun way to spend an afternoon!! Have always wanted to try archery and my first experience was everything I hoped for. All-day rate of only $10 + $6 bow rental.

I went with two others on a weekday, late afternoon. A couple of people were there when we arrived and it got busier around the time people get off work. There’s room for about seven people so it fills up pretty fast. I think they have more space upstairs and accommodate private and/or group bookings. First third of the space is racks of equipment and related items. Kind of a large, old cafeteria/gymnasium feeling. Nothing fancy, but what do you need, really?

What made it such a good experience was the people there. Staff were tremendously helpful. Helped me calm my nerves, as well as my eagerness. Passionate and knowledgeable about archery. They provided us with a demo, quick lesson, stayed with us through our first few shots, gave us some stories and tips, and then left us alone to practice. Thoroughly answered all our questions, which we had lots of, and were more than happy to assist and coach us through our entire time there. Sweet people.

I was a bit nervous that we’d be intrusive to the regular goers who were likely members or hardcore archers. Lots of experienced people with fancy bows so the potential to be intimidated was there. Most seemed to stop by for 30-60 minutes, so we watched the place turn over a few times during our three hours there. Of the turnover, I’d say 80% of them interacted with us, be it through in-depth advice, sharing of experiences, providing support and encouragement or simply laughing with us through our learning curve.

Everyone was extremely friendly and understanding that we were newbs. We talked and laughed quite a bit, still being mindful of others around us of course, but I’m sure they could have been annoyed, as we affected their concentration at times. Not a scoff or glare received; rather they made us feel welcomed. People there were so very diverse, ranging from 30-70 years of age from various walks of life. All interesting people that treated us with respect, adding to the fun we were having.

… Three hours later, I’m ready for Hunger Games. Will be back to maintain my newly found skill set.

- Bee T.

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